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Former Commissioner of Archaeology Dr. Saddhamangala Karunarathna Passed away today

Former Commissioner of Archaeology Dr. Saddhamangala Karunarathna Passed away today(August 06, 2013). Dr. Saddhamangala Karunarathna, former Commissioner of Archaeology(1979 - 1983) passed away today. Dr. Saddhamangala Karunaratne graduated in 1946 from the University of Ceylon and in 1949 he obtained his M. A. specialising in Pali. In 1950 he joined the Department of Archaeology as an Assistant Commissioner.

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A Gemological Perspective of Gem Beads of Jetavana World Heritage Site, Sri Lanka

Gem beads are attractive objects used not only for bodily ornamentation but also to decorate royal palaces and religious places in ancient time. The Jetavanaya Bead collection contains considerable amount of natural gem beads which are made up of gems coming from six main gem families found in Sri Lankan gem fields. The most common gem beads are made up of Garnet and Quartz family gems while Corundum, Beryl and Feldspar beads are somewhat rare in the collection. Having both unfinished beads and raw materials give an idea that beads had been made locally. The different shapes, well polished facets and sharp edges of beads evidence the advance ancient technology of bead making.

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Hunugalagala Limestone Cave Excavation 2013

Hunugalagala is a limestone cave situated on the southern slope of the central highlands in Sri Lanka. It is a mighty rock formation that has been formed through million years ago. The surrounding area of this cave had been used by the foraging communities at least 4000 years ago.

Geological Background of Some Archaeological Sites of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is well known for its richness of archaeological sites.As described in the great chronicles of Mahavamsa (300A.D.),Thupavamsa (300-600A.D.) and many others,such places are not restricted to one particular region or place and they are scattered all around the island.During the past 2500 years of written history of Sri Lanka, earth materials have been used to build up ancient cities,royal palaces and mighty irrigation systems.

The Power of Museums

Dr. Karen Lee: Curator from the Smithsonian Museum The transcript of the public lecturer deliver by Dr. Karen Lee at the National Museum, Colombo on July 24, 2013 organized by the American Center, Sri Lanka. We’ve come together tonight to talk about museums and their power to transform. This word ‘transform’ is interesting--a 2-way street really-- not only CAN museums transform the lives of people who visit them, but they can also fundamentally change the staff who work in them—the people who care for the collections, care for the visitors, decide which objects to display and how to [...]

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Public Lecturer – POWER OF CURATING: Making Museums Come Alive

POWER OF CURATING: Making Museums Come Alive AMERICAN CENTER HOSTS A PUBLIC LECTURE POWER OF CURATING Making Museums Come Alive Speaker: Karen Lee Smithsonian Curator Wednesday 2013 July 24 3:00 pm National Museum Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha Colombo 07 Karen Lee is a curator from the Smithsonian, the world's largest museum and research complex based in Washington, D.C. She teaches in Asia and Europe and is a highly-valued facilitator devoted to helping museum staff find creative solutions to daunting challenges. A believer in educational outreach and collaboration. Lee couriered a rare American coin on a seven country European tour in 2012. This special project [...]

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Call for Papers – International Conference on Asian Art, Culture and Heritage Colombo, Sri Lanka 21st-23rd August 2013

Important Dates Date Submission of Abstracts April 20, 2013 Acceptance of Abstracts May 10, 2013 Submission of Full Papers June 15, 2013 Conference August 21-23 2013 The Centre for Asian Studies of the University of Kelaniya is pleased to announce the “International Conference on Asian Art, Culture and Heritage” organized in collaboration with the International Association for Asian Heritage (IAAH) and the Ministry of Culture and the Arts  which will be held from 21st to 23rd of August 2013 at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo , Sri Lanka. All interested academics are invited hereby to submit the abstracts of [...]

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