Three inscriptions discovered in Delft Island

The marine archaeologists from the Maritime Archaeology Unit (MAU) of Central Cultural Fund (CCF) established in Galle in their archaeological explorations carried out in Delft Island in the North of Sri Lanka in August this year have discovered three inscriptions that have not been hither to revealed.

Archaeology Demonstrations: Let’s meet people who lived in Udawalawe basin 3500 years ago!

low income auto insurance Sri Lankan archeologists have shown that inhabitation of people in Sri Lanka could be dated back to 1.6 million years. Dedication exercised by our archeologists to unwrap the proud past of the ancient people in Sri Lanka is immense. It is with pride that archaeology.lk share with you the essence of this experience Until now only professional archeologists have been the only shareholders in this venture to explore the ancient man in Sri Lanka that, in fact, should receive contributions from all. It is with great pleasure that we announce that an opportunity has [...]

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