Digitally recreating ancient Anuradhapura: A case study of Jethavanaramaya


Digitally recreating ancient Anuradhapura: A case study of Jethavanaramaya


Prasad Samarajiva, Chandima Ambanvala and Anuradha Piyadasa

on Monday, 25th APRIL 2011 at 5.00 p.m.

at the

Gamini Dissanayake Auditorium,

No. 96, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha,

Colombo  07



The paper describes the process of computer

visualisation and illustrates through a live demonstration the model of Jetavanaramaya. It is a computer aided three-dimensional (3D) visualization combined with global positioning. It has been developed using satellite images, photographs, and the commonly available 3D visualization software called Google Sketchup.  In addition to computational graphical tools, the combined knowledge cialis pills of historical texts, archaeology, architecture, art, and engineering was used in this modeling to represent these past structures in the most accurate way.

Digitally recreating ancient Anuradhapura


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  1. I think this is really interesting. Somehow I missed this lecture. Wonder how can I listen to this idea again.

    I also believe that there is a next step. That is to digitally create the live community around these places. According to available data guided by sociology and psychology we can hypothesis who lived around and moved around these places and in what way. What they talked how they interacted with each other etc. Perhaps we may included the images of human behaviour of that time into these images as well!

    Just a thought.

  2. I would love to be present at these lectures but time and distance are often a barrier as I do not live in Colombo. It would be a great service to those of us who live outside Colombo if these lectures were recorded and available for downloading or if there was a paper, where these could be obtained?

  3. The figures of bhikkus could be true of today rather than in9AD. Please study more how the robes were worn then. I think bhikkus covered both shoulders according to the Vinaya Pitakaya.

  4. This may be a good effort, but there is a similar but very advance 3d creation of Jethavanarama that has prepared by vetaran Architect Ashly De Vos, former Director Conservation of Jethavana Project, by using a more advanced software. It has detailed to the last roofing tile and u can experience the monks meditating and people moving around with traditional background music.( a 30 minutes video)

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