SAARC Photographic Competition and Exhibition

Theme : Historical Sites/Natural Landscape in the SAARC Region


Photographic CompetitionToday, photography has become an art by itself, with many modern advances to photography. The SAARC Cultural Centre hopes to encourage photographers in the SAARC Region, by having a competition of Photographs of 1) Historical Sites in the SAARC Region 2) Natural Landscape in the SAARC Region.

The best photographs will be on Exhibition in Colombo, Sri Lanka. A cash award and certificate, recognizing the best in the two categories will be given to the best three, and short listed photographs will be showcased at the exhibition, and on all publications pertaining to the competition. This is an attempt to promote the SAARC Region to the rest of the world. A virtual exhibition will also be uploaded on the SAARC Cultural Centre website, to increase outreach. The competition would be the first of its kind to the SAARC Region, and will be continued on an annual basis.

All SAARC Member States-Relevant Ministries are kindly requested to circulate to all relevant institutions and interested parties.

1. Dates and Venue

The Deadline for submission of photographs will be the 31st of October 2013. Winners and selected photographs will be announced by end November 2013. The Exhibition will take place in December together with an award Ceremony.

2. Guidelines for submitting Photographs

  • The competition is open to anyone who is a citizen of one of the SAARC Member States.
  • Each entrant may submit a maximum of five (5) images in each category.
  • Images under the theme of 1) Historical Sites in the SAARC Region and 2) Natural Landscape in the SAARC Region can be submitted for the competition.
  • Each picture must be submitted with the following details

– A title and a description of the picture separately, which should name the Historical Site/ Natural Landscape, the name of the SAARC country it is situated in, and a short description of the picture
– The name of the photographer/ the country he or she belongs to/ the date the picture was taken.
– A declaration regarding the originality of the photograph
(Please refer prescribed form. The form should be duly filled, signed and submitted as a PDF together with the entries)
Colour and Black/white images are acceptable
– Image Specifications
– Image Adjustments
– Some adjustment or editing is allowed
– Adjustments that are allowed
– Adjustments that are NOT allowed

  • Freshness, originality, creativity and innovation are central to the competition, and should be reflected in all images that are submitted.
  • All photographs should initially be mailed to on or before the 31st of October in keeping with the above guidelines.

3. Terms and Conditions

Applicants are responsible for ensuring full compliance with any national or international legislation, for example in the case of heritage sites, governing the country in which the image has been taken and in securing any relevant permits that may be required and which should be made available for inspection on request by the Centre.
Caption information supplied must be complete, true and accurate.
Each entry must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the rights of any other party.
The copyright in all images submitted to the Competition will remain with the copyright holder who will be credited as follows: ©photographer’s name.
By entering the Competition, each entrant grants to the SAARC Cultural Centre, a non-exclusive irrevocable license to reproduce, publish and communicate to the public by any means and exhibit their selected/awarded image(s) and copies of their awarded image(s) in all media throughout the world in relation to the Competition and the Exhibition including but not limited to all use in the context of:
a. Display at the Awards Ceremony
b. Display in the Exhibition
c. Inclusion in the brochure or Magazine/Calendar or similar publications
d. Inclusion within the SAARC Cultural Centre Websites, including within interactive elements associated with the Competition and/or Exhibition (now known or hereafter created) available for viewing or download from the SCC Websites
e. Inclusion in promotional, press materials relating to the Competition and/or Exhibition
Awarded images may be used by the Centre for the purposes of the Competition and/or Exhibition from the date of notification of awarded images until the end of the Exhibition and thereafter the Centre may keep the awarded images within an archive (electronic or otherwise).

4. Deadline for Submission

The deadline for submission is the 31st of October 2013.
All photographs should initially be mailed to or before the 31st of October in keeping with the above guidelines.
All entries should be submitted together with a signed prescribed form attached herewith.

Application Form

Source: SAARC Cultural Center



  1. It’s seem to be very interesting and I love to participate. I am a film and Television personality was away from Sri Lanka for a long time and came here two years ago. I have very old photos taken in 1980 – 1990 decades. Al of them are shot in film negatives. Is there any time barrier for submissions ? Also wish to know the size of a submission which is not mention in your article. Please let me know. Thanks.

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