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Speleological Exploration to Sthreepura Lena Cave at Kuruwita, Sri Lanka

how get ex back Abstract Sthreepura Lena Cave (06°49' 54.6'' N and 08°22' 27.8'' E) in Rathnapura District located 322.78m msl was speleologically investigated in November 2009. The cave is in the steep slope of eastern escarpment of Soodagala mountain range of the Peak Wildernes tropical rain forest and belongs to crystalline terrain of highland complex. Basic ground maps, several cross sections and longitudinal sections were drawn and cave fauna and formations were observed. (more…)

Fishing Practices in Prehistoric Sri Lanka

A considerable amount of information on prehistoric culture has been gathered from various areas in Sri Lanka. Batadomba Lena Cave in Kuruwita and Bundala in the southern Sri Lanka are two prehistoric sites which are as old as 40,000 years and 125,000 years respectively. Several caves in the wet, dry and intermediate zones were excavated during the last 70 years and a large amount of evidence has been discovered from these sites, which could be used to explain the...

Re-examination of the interpretations given by Senarat Paranavitana to several literary terms occurring in certain lithic records

 Prof. Senerath Paranavitanahow can i get my ex girlfriend back Senarat Paranavitana was the most competent epigraphist we have ever had and he has deciphered hundreds of lithic records as well as 685 Sigiri graffiti; he was well versed in his mother tongue as well as in English and in two other oriental languages, Sanskrit and Pali. Yet as he was not omniscient he could make mistakes. With apologies and due respect to his vas knowledge we intend to re-examine...

Speleothems in Gneissic Caves of Sri Lanka

Weliange W.S1 & Pathmakumara Jayasingha2Speleothems are mineral deposits found in caves and karsts, which are classified and named, based on the type of formation, mineral constituents and morphology. Limestone caves are famous since its speleothems are made up of various carbonate compounds. Most of the caves of Sri Lanka have been formed in high grade silicate rocks commonly known as Gneisses. Chemical weathering of silicate rocks are different. Therefore speleothems in gneissic caves are unique. (more…)

Aboriginal Ecology; finding missing link between prehistoric man and the modern man

become man"s heart   AbstractVeddah is the last remaining group of people in Sri Lanka who believed to be the descendents of the prehistoric man. Therefore in evolutionary point of view Veddah could be the true survivals of the fittest present in Sri Lanka. A new project is launched under the auspicious of the Post Graduate Institute of Archaeology of University of Kelaniya in order to obtain information from the Veddah particularly for the reconstruction of the prehistoric life style and...

Protohistoric copper metallurgy in Sri Lanka: an overview* – Arjuna Thantilage

Arjuna Thantilage, PhdSenior LecturerPostgraduate Institute of ArchaeologyIntroductionAlthough Sri Lanka has no significant ‘Bronze Age’ culture, it would appear that copper metallurgy had played some role in the beginnings of settled and literate or proto-literate civilization in the island. In this chapter we make an attempt to contribute to the reconstruction of the beginnings of metallurgy in Sri Lanka in what would be a completely new interpretation in this matter. (more…)


 Dr M S Nagaraja Rao - Retd. Director General, Archaeological Survey of IndiaThe public lecture delivered by the Dr.M.S. Nagaraja Rao at the National Museum Auditorium, Colombo, Sri Lanka is available to download as MP3 or FLV(You can listen to the lecture). The Powerpoint presentation is available as a PDF to download. An image gallery of the lecture is also available. (more…)

Sinhalese Influence on Laos: From its Beginning to Consolidation – Part II – The regional context

 Asia Map - The Sri Lanka Regional ContextHema Goonatilake PhD (Lond) Visiting Professor, Royal University of Phnom Penh, CambodiaPublished in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka, New Series, Vol. LIII, 2008The development of Sinhalese-Lao relations is tied to Sinhalese relations with the broad South-east Asian region, immediately prior to the establishment of the Lao kingdom. It is therefore useful to survey the political and religious situation in the region, with special emphasis on their relations with...

An Excavation of a Shell-midden at Pallemalla in Southern Littoral area of Sri Lanka: Some Evidence of Prehistoric Chenier Occupation in c. 4th millennium BC*

Fig 1.1 The sites mentioned in the textRaj Somadeva1 and Sudevi Ranasinghe21Senior Lecturer, Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology, Colombo, 2Researcher, Department of Archaeology, Colombo.AbstractA rescue excavation conducted in a prehistoric generic cialis online shell-midden identified in the littoral area of southern Sri Lanka had revealed a substantial set of information pertaining to the coastal adaptation of the prehistoric communities in Sri Lanka in c. fourth millennium BC. Seven human skeletons were excavated. The faunal remains associated with the prehistoric levels...