6th National Conference on Buddhist Studies – Saturday 4th – Sunday 5th December 2010

Call for Papers

The 6th National Conference on Buddhist Studies will be held on Saturday 4th – Sunday 5th December 2010. The Conference is organized by the Dept. of Pali and Buddhist Studies, Sri Jayewardenepura University in association with the Buddhist Times Trust and Buddhist Activities Fund.

Research papers relating to Buddhism would be welcome from a variety of disciplines such as Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhist Civilization, History, Psychology, Sociology, Buddhist Scriptural Languages and Literature and other related disciplines in Humanities and Social Science. The papers can be presented in either English or Sinhala. Abstracts of papers should not exceed 300 words and must include Title, Author(s), Affiliation, Address, Tel/Fax, E-mail address (if available).  Abstracts should be sent by e-mail venyasassip@gmail.com with a copy to hgoonatilake@hotmail.com as attachment in Word, or by fax to Fax No: 2803196 or by post to the Dept. of Pali and Buddhist Studies Sri Jayewardenepura University, Nugegoda.  A committee of Buddhist scholars will be selecting the papers, and acceptance will be notified.

Joint Coordinators

Ven Dr. Magammana Pannananda Thero (pmagammana@gmail.com 0779303407)

Ven Panahaduwe Yasassi Thero (venyasassip@gmail.com 0714879654)

Important Dates

Deadline for submission of abstracts 1st November 2010
Notification of acceptance 10th November 2010
Submission of full papers 1st December 2010


is open to members of the public.