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  • Inscriptions of Ceylon, Volume V Part I – Prof Sirimal Ranawella

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    This is the first part I of the ‘Inscriptions of Ceylon, Volume V; it contains a historical introduction to the texts and translations of 115 inscriptions, both published and unpublished , belonging to the period between 815 to 923 AD, covering the reigns of Kings Dappula II (815-831), Sena I (833-853), Sena II (853-887), Udaya II (887-898) Kassapa IV (909-914) and Kassapa V (914-935). There are a few other records, which could be ascribed to the reigns of those kings, which are very fragmentary, and a good number of other records which cannot be attributed to any particular king; these are not included in this Volume.

    Published by Department of Archaeology, Sri Lanka, 2001

    Pages: 585 Plates: 90