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Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Sri Lanka Archaeology


SS CONCH: A Wreck with a Reputation

A few years ago I heard about an old iron shipwreck called Conch lying underwater off the coast of Akkurala on the Southern coast...

Visualization and Haptic Rendering of Ancient Woodcarvings in Sri Lanka

Abstract: This research presents a case study focused on the visualization and haptic rendering of ancient woodcarvings in Sri Lanka. This paper introduces a...

A new book – Prehistoric Sri Lanka: Late Pleistocene rockshelters and the open-air site – Dr. Nimal Perera

A new book on Prehistoric Sri Lanka by Dr. Nimal Perera(Deputy Director General, Department of Archaeology, Sri Lanka) has been published by the British...

Speleological Exploration to Sthreepura Lena Cave at Kuruwita, Sri Lanka

how get ex back Abstract Sthreepura Lena Cave (06°49' 54.6'' N and 08°22' 27.8'' E) in Rathnapura District located 322.78m msl was speleologically investigated in...

Postgraduate Courses in Archaeology – Heritage – Museology at PGIAR

The Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology (PGIAR), University of Kelaniya is calling for applications for following postgraduate courses for the next academic year.

Fishing Practices in Prehistoric Sri Lanka

A considerable amount of information on prehistoric culture has been gathered from various areas in Sri Lanka. Batadomba Lena Cave in Kuruwita and Bundala...

Re-examination of the interpretations given by Senarat Paranavitana to several literary terms occurring in certain lithic records

Prof. Sirimal Ranawella re-examine the interpretations given by Senarat Paranavitana to several literary terms occurring in certain lithic records.

Speleothems in Gneissic Caves of Sri Lanka

Weliange W.S1 & Pathmakumara Jayasingha2 Speleothems are mineral deposits found in caves and karsts, which are classified and named, based on the type of formation,...

Aboriginal Ecology; finding missing link between prehistoric man and the modern man

become man"s heart     Abstract Veddah is the last remaining group of people in Sri Lanka who believed to be the descendents of the prehistoric man. Therefore...

Protohistoric copper metallurgy in Sri Lanka: an overview* – Arjuna Thantilage

Arjuna Thantilage, Phd Senior Lecturer Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology Introduction Although Sri Lanka has no significant ‘Bronze Age’ culture, it would appear that copper metallurgy had played some...


  The public lecture delivered by the Dr. M.S. Nagaraja Rao at the National Museum Auditorium, Colombo, Sri Lanka is available to download as MP3 or...

Sinhalese Influence on Laos: From its Beginning to Consolidation – Part II – The regional context

  Hema Goonatilake PhD (Lond) Visiting Professor, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia Published in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka, New Series,...

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