Programme – The 3rd Biennial Conference of the International Association for Asian Heritage

Programme – The 3rd Biennial Conference of the International Association for Asian Heritage

The 3rd Biennial Conference of the International Association for Asian Heritage will be held at the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka on 27th -28th December 2015. The conference is being organized by the Centre for Asian Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Kelaniya in collaboration with several other Departments and Institutes interested in Asian Heritage and academic affairs.
The details on academic sessions are given below.

Day 1- Hall- 1

27th December 2015 Sunday

Board Room of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Time: 11.30am -1.00 pm

Chairperson:           Prof. Dilkushi Wettewe

Co- Chairperson: Mr. Amalka Wijesuriya

Rapporteur:    Ms. Suvimali Rathnayake


11.30-11.50Acoustic similarities between Sinhala language and Assamese

Gitanjali Goswami

11.50-12.10A comparative study of Dhrupad and Borgeet

Hiranmayee Das Gogoi, Bhupen Hazarika

12.10-12.30Constructing narratives of everyday life and aspects of Kandyan social order through personal diaries

Indika Bulankulame

12.30-12.50Yantras of Shankara and their influence on Indian Tantric Artists With reference to G.R. Santosh and K.V. Haridasan

Soumya Manjunath Chavan


1.00-2.00: Lunch


Time: 2.00-3.30 pm

Chairperson:         Dr. Prashanthi Narangoda

Co- Chairperson: Mr. Anuradha Piyadasa

Rapporteur:    Ms. Idunil Jayathilake

2.00-2.20God Saman – The earliest convert to Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

Srilal Perera

2.20-2.40Bridging the Gender Gap: Reflections on the Pronounced Femininity in the Buddhist Art of Ratnagiri, Odisha (India)


2.40-3.00Sculptural art of Bihar

Dilip Kumar

3.00-3.20Portable Art in Buddhist Period in Sindh and its Evaluation and Connection to Global Buddhist Community

Mastoor F. Bukhari


3.30-3.45:                Tea Break


Time: 3.45- 5.00pm

Chairperson:         Dr. Choodamani Nandagopal

Co-Chairperson: Dr. Chandima Bogahawatte

Rapporteur:                                Rev. Pahiyangala Sumangala 

3.45- 4.05Deconstituted Heritage: The (Un)making of a ‘Buddhist’ Heritage Site in Central India

L. Lamminthang Simte

4.05- 4.25The Significance of Currency as a Heritage Transmission Media: with reference to Sri Lankan Rupees

Piyumi Embuldeniya, Indrachapa Gunasekara

4.25- 4.45Beach Tourism and its Positive Environmental Impacts (Related to the Unawatuna coastal area)

M.V.R.M. Suvimali Rathnayake



6.00- 7.00:  Cultural Show at the Cristo Hall, Department of Fine Arts, University of Kelaniya.


Day 1- Hall- 2

27th December 2015 Sunday Research Centre – Faculty of Social Sciences

Time: 2.00-3.30pm

Chairperson:         Prof. Mala Malla

Co-Chairperson:  Dr. Mangala Katugampola

Rapporteur:             Ms. Piumi Embuldeniya


2.00- 2.20Built on Shifting Sands: Ceramic Analysis and Gender in South Asian Archaeology

Prerana Srimaal

2.20-2.40Archaeology of North Cachar: Recent archaeological exploration in Assam

Tilok Thakuria

2.40- 3.00First Palaeopathological Example of Dental Abscess from Pre-Historic Sri Lanka

Lanka Ranaweera and G.Adikari of faunal remains at Rkhigarhi Early Harappan site, Haryana, India.

Rev. Uduwila Uparathana


3.30-3.45pm:   Tea break


Time 3.45 – 5.00pm

Chairperson:         Dr. Lanka Ranaweera

Co-Chairperson:  Dr. Tilok Thakuria

Rapporteur:             Ms. Indrachapa Gunasekera

3.45-4.05Archaeological Landscape of the Lower Montane Region of Sri Lanka: Socio-Cultural Aspects of Archaeological Sites

Chulani Rambukwella

4.05-4.25A study of ancient settlement in Sri Lanka through Archaeological evidence

Rev.Pahiyanagla Sumangala

4.25-4.45Cultural Tourism and Museums

Sanjeewani Widyarathna

4.45- 5.00Discussion


6.00- 7.00:  Cultural Show at the Cristo Hall, Department of Fine Arts, University of Kelaniya.


Day 1- Hall- 3

27th December 2015 Friday

Board Room of the Faculty of Humanities


Time: 2.00- 3.30pm

Chairperson:         Dr. Oshantha Talpawila

CoChairperson: Dr. Rashmi Condra

Rapporteur:            Dr. J.M.S.Dilinika


2.00-2.20The need for building public diplomacy to strengthen regional cooperation –The case for South Asia

N.K. Kumaresan Raja

2.20-2.40Developing Sri Lankan International Relations through International Communication: Use of Soft Power Resources.

Manoj Jinadasa

2.40-3.00Traditional Fusion Dance- a solution of artistry to ethnic prejudice

Anupama Madhubhashinie Weerasinghe

3.00-3.20Role of Religious Leaders in Post -War Peacebuilding: An Analysis of John Pol Lederarch’s Peace Building Pyramid

Oshadhi Herath


3.30-3.45pm: Tea break



Time: 3.45-5.30pm

Chairperson:         Dr. Kumaresan Raja

Co- Chairperson: Dr. Pushpa Kulanatha

Rapporteur:             Ms. M.C.N.Jayawardana

3.45-4.05Expressions (TCEs) of South Asia in Digital Libraries and Museums

Kamani Perera

4.05-4.25Impact of Social Media on Creative Libraries: with special reference to Public Libraries in Sri Lanka

J.M.S Dilinika

4.25- 4.45A semiotic analysis of the poetry of the poet Mahagama Sekara (The content analysis is based on 10 poems in the book “Heta Irak Payai” written by Mahagama Sekara)

Dineesha Liyanage

4.45-5.05Involvement of Travel Agencies in Sri Lanka to promote Museums in tourism industry through the medium of tour packages

Indrachapa Weerasingha


6.00- 7.00:  Cultural Show at the Cristo Hall, Department of Fine Arts, University of Kelaniya


Day 2- Hall-1

28th December 2015 Monday

Board Room of the Faculty of Social Sciences


Time: 9.00-10.40am

Chairperson:         Prof. Piyadasa Ranasingha

Co-Chairperson:  Ms. Ashirdini Bhagya Attanayake

Rapporteur:             Ms. Dineesha Liyanage

9.00-9.20The Buddhist Relationship between Sri Lanka and Thailand: A Case Study of exhibition design of Upali Museum,Dhammaram Temple, Ayutthaya, Thailand

Sarunya Prasopchinchana

9.20-9.40Buddhist Soft Skills as a tool for Peace and Harmony in the Multi-Cultural Society

Sarath Chandrasekara

9.40-10.00Buddhist view of other Religions

H.R. Nishadini Peiris

10.00 10. -20A study of Dammapada Atthakatha

Sandesh M. Wagh


10.40-11.00:  Tea break


Time: 11.00am -1.00pm

Chairperson:         Prof.  Asanga Thilakarathne

Co-Chairperson: Dr. Sarunya Prasopchinchana

Rapporteur: Ms. Oshadi Herath



History of Jainism revealed in Pāli Literature

Bertram G. Liyanage

11.20-11.40Right consumption – Samma Paribhojana

Daya Dissanayake

11.40-12.00Trikāya concept – Trikāyastava Sanskrit Inscription (Mihintalaya)

Lenagala Siriniwasa Thero

12.00-12.20METTĀ-BHĀVANĀ as a daily practice for Peace and Harmony in the Multicultural Society

Lee, Kyoung Hee

12.20-12.40Flourishing instillation of Buddhist meditation: A classification

R.M. Rathnasiri Rathnayake


1.00-2.00pm: Lunch


Day 2- Hall-1

Time: 2.00-3.30 pm

28th December Sunday Evening Session Board Room of the   Faculty of Social Sciences

Chairperson:         Prof. Kamani Jayasekara

Co-Chairperson: Dr. Milisa Srivastava

Rapporteur: Mr. K.A.T. Chamara

2.00-2.20An Unknown Legacy: A Living Tribal Heritage of the Oraons

Pramila Dasture, Gregory Xalxo, Eashan Bhatt, Jaya Minz

2.20-2.40A Journey of Inheritance: A Study of the Documentary

My Mother’s Village by Aaron Burton

Sabreena Niles

2.40-3.00West orient Memsaabs of Indian Films in Colonial period: The history, heritage and hegemony

Rashmi Condra

3.00-3.20An extension to Nur Yalman’s Under the Bo Tree: A Survey into Diaries of Mr. KB Nissanka, School Head Master of ‘Terutenne’

Anura Manatunga


 Day 2- Hall-2

28th December 2015 Monday Research Centre – Faculty of Social Sciences

 Time: 9.00-10.40am

Chairperson: Prof. W.A.Weerasooriya

Co-Chairperson: Ms. Nilanthi Bandara

Rapporteur:  Ms. H.K.I. Sewwandi

9.00-9.20Heritage Management Plan of Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka (Madhya Pradesh) with special

reference to Disaster Risk Management

Vinay Kumar

9.20-9.40Colonial Heritage of Pune: An academic and architectural heritage

Pramila Dasture

9.40-10.00Traditional Management Systems in Temple village

Prasanna Bandara Ratnayake

10.00-10.20Use of Natural Elements as Surface Decoration Elements: An Examination of Traditional

Earthenware Products in Sri Lanka

W.M.N. Dilshani Ranasinghe


10.40-11.00am: Tea break


Time :11.00am-1.00pm

Chairperson:  Dr. M.G. Kularathne

Co-Chairperson: Dr. Sitha Bandara

Rapporteur: Ms. Sabreena Niles

11.00-11.20Environmental impact of sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka

Arundathie Abeysinghe

11.20-11.40Heritage Walks and Trails: The monumental mystique through the lanes of Delhi

Milisa Srivastava

11.40-12.00Identification of socio- archeological responsibility of the irrigation system

Chandana Rohana Withanachchi

12.00-12.20Demonstration Effect in Sri Lankan Tourist Destination

W.H.M.S.Samarathunga and  H.P.A.S. Pathirana


12.40- 2.00pm: Lunch


Time 2.00-3.20pm

Chairperson:         Dr. Indika Bulankulame

Co-Chairperson:  Ms. Arundathie Abeysinghe

Rapporteur:             Ms. Harini Nawoda

2,00-2.20The Portrayal of Women in Gandhara Art

Kiran Shahid Siddiqui

2.20-2.40Remains and Legacy of Buddhist Monasteries in Shangla, Pakistan


2.40-3.00An Industry in Extinction: The case of Diyatharippu Industry at Pilimathalawa in Sri Lanka

H.P. Thushanthi Karunarathne




Day 2 – Hall No 3 28th December 2015 Monday

Board Room of the Faculty of Humanities

 Time : 9.00-10.40am

Chairperson:         Dr. Soumya Manjunath Chavan

Co-Chairperson:  Dr. Chaminda Herath

Rapporteur:      Rev. Deiyandara Pannananda

9.00-9.20The Ethical Value of the Great Chronicle (Mahāvsa), the Prime,

The Importance of Salleka Sutta for solving contemporary social conflict

Bodagama sumana, K. Pagngnaloka, Karapikkada Sobitha

9.20-9.40The Buddhist cultural heritage of Taxila valley: Its nature, importance,Preservation &


Ifqut Shaheen

9.40-10.00Archaeological Site Museums of Bangladesh: Their Role and Importance in the Site

Preservation and Presentation of Moveable National Heritage

Md. Amirul Islam

10.00-10.20The usage of metal technology according to archaeological evidences of ‘Deega Pashanaya’ at


Thusitha Mendis


10.40-11.00: Tea break


Time :11.00am-1.00Pm

Chairperson:         Prof. Mapa Thilakarathne

Co-Chairperson: Mr. Thilina Wickramaarachchi

Rapporteur:             Ms. Sana Ranasinghe

11.00-11.20The Role of the Media in the Promotion of Sri Lankan Cultural Tourism

T. D. Suresh Gayan Priyangana

11.20-11.40Archeo-philately: New Dimensions in Heritage Studies

Pramila Dasture,  Ajit Vartak, Kaustibh Mudgal, Gregory Xalxo, Eashan Bhatt

11.40-12.00Heritable and Historical Record of Asians

Yakkaduwe Sugunaseela & Niwandama Dhammissara

12.00-12.20Traditional Practices of Aarayish in special reference to Rajasthan

Shika Bansal, Md, Ali Nasir

12.20-12.40An ethnological study on the traditional knowledge and belief

systems of Sri Lanka which emerged when predicting the future through the indications of nature

W.M. Tissa Weerasekara


1.00- 2.00: Lunch

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    There was a presentation by Dr. Chulani Rambukwella on ancient settlement in Sri Lanka at the Annual Heritage Conference held on the 27th of December 2015 at Kelaniya.
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